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Welcome to GlyphWiki!

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"GlyphWiki" is a shareable kanji (hanzi, hanja) glyph database system on the Internet for a solution of using unencoded kanji characters in digitizing text resources in kanji.

There are over 400,000 kanji glyphs submitted on GlyphWiki. Users can submit kanji glyphs to the database if necessary, and the data will become open to the public automatically.

The database applied the Wiki (WikiWikiWeb) system that can be used freely and easily by users.

Also, the database applied the KAGE system for the processing of kanji glyph data so that users can easily design glyphs in comparison with ordinary outline-based font formats.

Try to use

First, please see the following tutorials.

And pages such as GlyphWiki:Tutorial and GlyphWiki:GlyphDesignMethod may be helpful to you.

If you try to edit a glyph, please use sandbox. To experiment with page editing you can use GlyphWiki:サンドボックス.

It is free for you to use the data, documents and generated fonts on GlyphWiki. You are greatly welcome to create new data, but in order not to disturb the free use of the data, you need to accept that the copyright of submitted glyphs is transferred to GlyphWiki and that you do not assert moral rights thereafter. For more information, please see GlyphWiki:License.

How to find a glyph

  • Searching by keyword from the search form
  • Looking for it in GlyphWiki:AllKanji by sector
  • Looking for it from glyphic samples below


GlyphWiki is looking forward to your participation. For more information, please see GlyphWiki:JoinUs.

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Glyph samples

ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode)


u4e00 u4e01 u4e02 ... u9fa3 u9fa4 u9fa5

BMP (Appended at the end of URO)

u9fa6 u9fa7 u9fa8 ... u9fd3 u9fd4 u9fd5

BMP (Ext. A)

u3400 u3401 u3402 ... u4db0 u4db3 u4db5

Ext. B

u20000 u20001 u20002 ... u2a6d3 u2a6d5 u2a6d6

Ext. C

u2a700 u2a701 u2a702 ... u2b732 u2b733 u2b734

Ext. D

u2b740 u2b741 u2b742 ... u2b81b u2b81c u2b81d

Ext. E

u2b820 u2b821 u2b822 ... u2ce9f u2cea0 u2cea1

Difference between countries/regions

u9aa8 u9aa8-g

u8ff0 u8ff0-g u8ff0-t u8ff0-k u8ff0-v

u65e2 ufa42 aj1-13701 u2f8cb u65e3


nihon-no-kanji-023-01 nihon-no-kanji-047-01 nihon-no-kanji-117-01

u6728 u6797 u68ee u234cf u236e7 u23855 u2387d


heavy rain(sandbox@51) GUNDAM(sayunu_gundam)